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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Workplace Safety Gloves

What are safety gloves used for?

Safety gloves are important for a variety of professions, including those in the food and medical field. They are designed to protect hands from hazards such as heat, cuts, chemicals, and abrasions.

What are some other uses for safety gloves?

Some industries that use safety gloves include: home improvement, farming, plumbing and auto repair. There are a variety of uses in manufacturing too.

How do I know which safety glove is right for me?

There is no one type of glove that’s perfect for everyone but if you’re looking for the right glove for the job you are in the right place we have one of the worlds

Can you print company logos on the gloves?

Yes,  you can speak with our sales agent and send us your company logo or design.


What is the best type of winter safety gloves?

The best type of winter safety glove is a pair that’s specially designed to be warm and durable. Choose a glove with a heavy double-layer leather palm for maximum heat retention and confidence.


Do safety gloves come with a warranty?

Yes,  most of our gloves come with a warranty and are free from the manufacturer defects

Can you use regular safety gloves for construction or for plumbers?

Safety gloves are designed for specific tasks and are not recommended for other jobs that require a professional-grade work glove. If you are replacing an old pair of safety gloves with new ones then you can use the new ones in any situation but if you’re using these new ones to work on your home or repair your cars we recommend purchasing a pair that’s specifically made for construction and plumbing.

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